Green Life Group Company

  Green Life Group is a company devoted to developing and marketing ecological products for home use, environmental sanitation
and treatment in various industries such as food, oil and others. 
The cleaning and purification products which the company produces and markets are based on green
bio-material which is friendly to the environment and to the individuals who use them.
The development, testing and adaption of these green products is done by a team consisting
of Green Life Group engineers .
All products are uniquely developed to handle the growing need for cleaning and sanitizing ecological
materials in today’s world.
The team of engineers conduct research and development, provide technical support and  instruction
to answer market needs.
 Green Life Group activities include: entrance to the market by understanding the needs of the clients,
delivering products which are compatible to prices of
 existing materials, and developing new products which will gradually replace older chemical based

The Factory
The activities of the factory include development, manufacturing and shipping.
The offices of the company are located in the factory and all activities are centered there. The company is currently expanding
enlarging and examining options for a move to a larger factory with more floor space.

Activities of the Company
The initial development of green eco-products occurred between 2005 and 2011.
In 2012-2014 the Company ran a marketing pilot in Israel to determine the suitability
of the products to the needs of the market, with
 specialy focus on agriculture chanel. Today the Company’s activities include production, marketing and customer support to clients
in Israel and abroad. Our consumers include refineries, shipping companies, food industries, food markets, agriculture and others.
The list of customers grows daily.
 International Activities of the Company
The Company is involved in advanced negotiation in a number of countries regarding selling our products
(first stage) and developing factories (second stage).
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Green Life Group


ISO 14001-9001

Welcome to Green Life Group Company
Green Life Group's committment  is to be the developer and concept leader of GEL- Green Environment Life.
It is clear that in an industrial world which is changing and developing we must take responsibility and lead towards a wise use of biodegradable
products that will protect both us and the environment. Green Life Group is targeted to be a leader and active developer of a green environment.
The Green Up Group is a developer and producer of  products which will lead to better and healthier lives for us all. 

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