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  Green Up Cool is a low-toxic, environmentally friendly corrosion concentrate inhibitor. Green Up Cool provides corrosion protection in aqueous solutions for environmentally friendly corrosion concentrate product.
Based on Green Up technology, provides corrosion protection in aqueous solutions for all cinde of metals, including aluminum, iron, copper and solder alloys, and offers excel-lent cavitation protection. It is effective against a wide range of micro organisms including Gram positive/negative bacteria and fungi.


 It is necessary to drain the existing coolant fluid contained in the  coolant system before initially filling  with a 7–10% solution of Green Up Cool  in water. Depending on the condition of the system it may be necessary to thoroughly flush the system to remove loose deposits and precipitates. Flushing is done preferably with a 5% solution of Green Up Cool in fresh water. Using Green Up Cool for flushing will facilitate the removal of the deposits and provide corrosion protection during and after the flushing operations. For new systems a simple flush will usually be sufficient to remove any cooling fluid and the few deposits present. In older systems, hard water scale, corrosion deposits and precipitates from former water treatment chemicals will not be removed by flushing only. Depending on the nature and amount of the deposits it will be necessary to operate the equipment for some time to allow cleaning of the system by the standard 7–10% solution of Green Up Cool.

Flushing Procedure for Cooling Systems in New equipment's
1. Completely drain the system.
2. Fill the system with 5% solution of Green Up Cool in fresh water (flushing fluid).
3. Run the equipment in fast idle speed or operate the engine in service for at least one hour after the flushing solution has been heated up to the normal cooling water temperature.
4. Completely drain the system.
5. Check flushing fluid for deposits and precipitates.
6. Repeat step 2 to 5 if flushing fluid contains significant amounts of deposits or precipitates.
Always allow the engine to cool down before draining and filling the system.
7. Check cooling system filters (if present). Replace when required.
8. Fill the system with a 7–10% Green Up Cool solution in fresh water and maintain in service between 6% and 10%
Flushing Procedure for  equipment's Cooling Systems in Service
1. Completely drain the system if possible and proceed as per -  “flushing procedure for cooling systems in new equipment”.
2. If not possible, the system should be drained and filled concurrently to maintain the system water level But, reduce the content of the Nitrite treatment and remove as many contaminants as possible.
3. Fill the system with 7–10% solution of Green Up Cool in water.
4. Maintain the level in service between 6% and 10%.
Green Up Cool will clean any deposits and sludges from the system. These contaminants should be systematically removed by partial draining and skimming until the system is fully clean.
 Green Up Cool has very low depletion in service. Suppletion is only to make toping up for losses due to cooling water leakage.
 .Concentration should periodically be checked by means of a efractometer.

.The outstanding corrosion protection and low additive depletion results in less maintenance and repair costs

Health and Safety

For full Health and Safety data please refer to our specific MSDS Sheet, which is available upon request.


           Appearance:                                      - CLEAR COLOURLESS  LIQUID
pH @ 5% DILUTION                          -             9-11
Density                                               -             1.02
Flash Point                             -           None              
This is a water-based product which contains a mixture of natural active components produced from plants and silicates. None of the ingredients is produced from animals. All ingredients are fully biodegradable.

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